Welcome to my web site. William Blake wrote that: “As a man is So he Sees.” I’ve taken this insight to heart in my work. I first remove my subject from its context by shifting the scale, depth of field, contrast, view angle, etc., to strip the viewer of his or her prejudice about what the subject is “supposed” to look like. I then extract the image from the clutter so that it can be seen anew. Thus, I hope that my photographs encourage them to reflect on the full import of Blake’s words and to see the world with fresh eyes.

I divide the portfolio section into new work, black and white, and color (warm and cool), and I hope you find this organization helpful.

The Blog section of this site is for me to explain more deeply how I look at things artistically. I deal with the philosophy of art, not the craft of art because there are already many excellent sites that deal with craft and because it is the philosophy of art that interests me. My images have been displayed at the University of Texas, Texas Tech University, the Dougherty Art Center in Austin, and many other venues. I have written for, and been published in “Dappled Things,” a quarterly magazine of art and faith. I have won many competitions; recently I was a finalist in both B&W and color at the Paris Prize 2011. “Alan Simmons Art+Design” in Dallas handles my work for gallery purposes. You can see me interviewed for Three Bridges West on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_F_hnmuBXnA